About the Garden

The two acre garden, situated in Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley, is an ongoing labour of love that was started 30 years ago by the Barkers. When they bought the property it was completely treed, and the front portion of the land remains that way with walking trails and the occasional gnome. The rest of the landscape has been transformed to beauty by Jim, who is the primary gardener. He is responsible for the design, planting, and most of the maintenance, while Jackie tends the luscious vegetable garden and smaller detail projects around the property.

Other features of the garden include an orchard with apples, plums and pears, a full Japanese style garden, several garden structures that were all built by Jim, a wonderful array of mature flowering shrubs including several types of rhododendrons, and numerous species of ornamental trees. All of this and more is peppered with seasonal flower colour and is displayed in a series of garden “rooms”, flowing together with winding paths and archways that are both natural and hand built. When enjoying the summer garden, you can snack on naturalized fruit like huckleberries, small blackberries and Oregon grapes that are hiding in the corners.

The Barkers are pleased to share images of their garden to compliment their book sale and other fundraising ventures. You can continue to show your support by visiting this blog and contributing to other Garden House Foundation fund events.


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